Wrapped and coiled in the warmth of his love, she didn’t care about the stars above. For in his eye were stars that burned, constellations that only twinkled for her. One by one they began to fall, the stars, their walls, their hearts, their clothes.

night, nightsky, and poem image
love on we heart it

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After Christopher Jonassen and some friends began sharing a…

After Christopher Jonassen and some friends began sharing a cheap
house in Australia, the Norwegian photographer suddenly noticed
potential in the banged up cooking utensils.

Using the bottoms of old frying pans, Jonassen transformed the mundane into otherworldly planets.

Photographer Turns Old Frying Pans Into Otherworldly Planets

via Faith is Torment

Photojojo ♥’s Tumblr

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In May of 1955, the US began to test new types of nuclear…

In May of 1955, the US began to test new types of nuclear weapons in the desert of Nevada.

Here, a mannequin 7000 ft away from the nuclear explosion remains disheveled but intact, indicating that people could survive a nuclear blast. 

More Amazing Nuclear Test Photographs

photo by Loomis Dean


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skycave: Pretend Electric – The Mirror is Tiring So! We began…


Pretend Electric – The Mirror is Tiring

So! We began recording another record last night at yet another incredible hollywood housesitting opportunity that will play host to the next month of creative output.

In case I have not explained this before, the idea behind Pretend Electric is that we do not write a single part of a single song before we begin each session. Each song starts with an improvised part: a piano line, a guitar riff, a vocal idea, and from there we go about the business of making a new song in real time. The songs don’t take longer than a few hours to complete, and so far, we are very happy with the results.

The hardest thing for me to get over as a songwriter was to stop writing songs to ‘the band in my head’. When I was much younger I would write a piece of music and have Sgt. Peppers playing in the theater of my mind, when there was no way in hell I would ever get my hands on an orchestra, or George Martin, or even Ringo. Those songs were fine and all, but they relied on invisible backup singers, impossibly big amplifiers and alway always always sounded boring in the context of which I was playing them (theskycave:mybedroom)

This is my way around that. Make the tools you have and the people you like to play with sound exactly like themselves. Honesty is the catchiest riff ever written.

To all the new songwriters out there. Listen to the room, not the hollywood bowl show you hope to explode five years down the road.


(*) The Only Magic Left is Art.

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